Woodwork and trim designs

Woodwork and trim designs are some of the most important parts of the inside of your home that's where you live. that's where the warmth is. Asheville Craftsmen Homes has done all types over the years!

Premium Paints

All of our interior trim,doors and woodwork is sprayed with high-quality Sherwin-Williams paints!

Daily and weekly communication videos for out of town homeowners

We build a lot of homes for individuals that don't move to the Asheville area until their home is done so we stay in good communication daily with weekly videos of production updates.


When it comes to framing our carpentry crews have to be fearless! They can easily be 30 or 40 feet off the ground at times standing up walls ,setting rafters and windows etc. but we get the job done!

Concrete Installation

Here we are pouring a suspended steel garage floor on a severe angle of ground which is commonly done in the Asheville area with all the mountainous terrain.